The Alderney Society - About Us

History of The Alderney Society

The Alderney Society began in 1966 in the basement of the Island Hall, however the site wasn't suitable for storing the type and amount of records that were being donated. The States of Alderney offered the Society the use of the old St Anne's school built by a former governor in 1790. With only a minuscule budget and the help of a handful of dedicated volunteers the building was renovated, the first displays created and the new Alderney Society Museum opened to the public in 1970. Since then the Alderney Society has been leading the way in preserving Alderney's history and will continue to do so.


An elected council and invited trustees are responsible for long-term policy for the Alderney Society as a whole. All the activities of the Society are carried out by volunteers and members are encouraged to join the Society's subgroups, which include the History and Archaeology research group and the watermill restoration group. The Society also publishes an annual Bulletin containing reports of its activities and projects, every member is sent a free copy of this bulletin, however non members can purchase copies from the shop.