The Alderney Society - Getting Involved

Become a Member

Becoming a member helps us fund the work we do on Alderney. It also helps us spread the word about important news and interesting activities. Click here to become a member of the Alderney Society.


For the Society

Do you have an interest or hobby that you would love to share with others? Volunteer to be part of our lecture series, give a talk, demonstration or create a discussion on a topic of your talk for the public. Past talks have included wine tasting, the Bayeux tapestry, archaeological digs on the island and bell ringing!

At the Museum

Do you have two spare hours once a fortnight? Become a summer custodian and help keep the museum open to our visitors. Our collections need care and attention, could you spend time helping the curator look after objects, artefacts and documents?

At the Watermill

A team of volunteers meet on a Tuesday morning to help recreate the watermill to its original glory. Extra help to restore this historical site is always appreciated.


Donations keep the Society running and help fund its major projects. You can donate to the society or to an individual project such as the Museum or the Watermill project.