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Introduction to the Museum

The museum collection on display reveals an island community changing over the years to both external and internal pressures. Alderney has a fascinating history starting with extensive Stone, Bronze and Iron Age activity, with object evidence of historically important Roman activity at Longy. The Victorian era brought huge change to Alderney and the landscape it still dominated by Queen Victoria's interest in the island as a defence harbour from the French. Most recently the Second World War had an extreme effect on Alderney when all but a few of the island's inhabitants were evacuated and the island occupied by German forces for the duration of the war. Alderney's evacuees spent the war years in Guernsey, Glasgow and various places the world over. The island landscape was changed dramatically as Hitler used Alderney as part of his Atlantic Wall.

The museum has won prestigious awards since its opening in 1966, most notably the 1999 Gulbenkian award for "most outstanding achievement with limited resources". In 2001 the museum was registered by The Council for Museum, Libraries and Archives and in 2007 achieved full accreditation from the MLA.

Find Us

The Museum is located on the High Street between Connaught Square and Victoria Street, in the centre of St Anne's. The main entrance can be found at the end of the High Street, clearly signposted.

Opening times

Open April to October

  • Monday to Friday 10 - 12 noon and 2.30 - 4.30 pm
  • Saturday and Sunday 10 - 12 noon

Entrance Fees:

  • Adults £ 3
  • Children Free
  • Members Free

The museum will happily open to visitors by appointment during the closed season of November to March.


There are ramped access facilities into the museum with access entry into the Main Gallery, the Issue Room, the Natural History Room and the Maritime Gallery. The summer exhibition area is accessible via stairs only.

Guide dogs, hearing dogs and all other recognised assistance dogs are welcome in the museum.

There is one toilet in the museum and it is adapted for all users

The museum has also been improving its access for children. With a new children's quiz and activities such as dressing up corners, colouring in tables and electronic equipment now installed there is plenty to interest children and entry is free to those under 16 years.

Legal Information - The Alderney Society Museum is wholly owned and administered by the Alderney Society