The Alderney Museum - Issue Room


The museum consists of five galleries.

  • The Main Gallery
  • The Issue Room of 1946
  • The Natural History Room
  • The Maritime Gallery
  • The Temporary Summer Exhibition Gallery

The Issue Room of 1946

This room is used to portray life in 1946 on Alderney. The entire evacuation of the island in 1940 and the occupation by Nazi forces for 5 years had changed Alderney and its landscape, but it had also had a dramatic impact on its residents. When Alderney was finally allowed to receive its islanders home the situation was very difficult, with houses derelict, all possessions gone and farm land in a terrible condition. The Issue Room discusses the difficulties the islanders had and how they creates the island as it is today.

The Issue Room was redesigned in the Winter of 2010 by the children of Ormer House Preparatory School. The children became the invited curators for the project and decided on the stories to tell, the objects to show, the room layout and the audio visual project to coincide with their designs. The children of Ormer House have created a way of understanding this topic which is both emotional and factual.