The Alderney Museum - Maritime Gallery


The museum consists of five galleries.

  • The Main Gallery
  • The Issue Room of 1946
  • The Natural History Room
  • The Maritime Gallery
  • The Temporary Summer Exhibition Gallery

The Maritime Gallery

The Elizabethan Wreck

This yet-unnamed vessel, foundered on a shallow reef north-east of Braye Bay in the early 1590s. Dendrochronology dates some of the ship's timbers to 1575. The Museum houses the ships' rudder and artefacts lifted from the wreck. Some of these are unique or very rare for the period, such as metal charge flasks (called 'Apostles') for measured charges of gunpowder. Also on display are three cannon which were found with their original gun-carriages, the latter a unique survival from the Elizabethan period.

The Alderney Breakwater

Between 1847 and 1864, The British Admiralty built the Alderney Breakwater to protect Royal Navy ships. At the same time the Board of Ordnance built a series of forts to protect it from the threat of French Invasion. Plans and drawings relating to the construction of the breakwater are on display, including George Reynold's lithograph (1852) and the Jersey artist Ouless’s sketches (1854) of the harbour works.